2TEST - You're in control of the test runs, to the minute.

Scheduled executions

When it comes to Databases, we are often working with limited hardware, especially in your test environments.

  • Schedule exections to best make use of the resources available.
  • Execute your tests after your end-of-day data loads.
  • Use the scheduler as a sanity check for your system.

Your database has limited resources

That is why, with 2Test you can easily select the date and time of your next execution.


See what is coming up

The execution will be in a waiting phase until the time comes and with the intuitive indicator you can see the time until the execution.

Cancel or postpone executions

Before the execution you can edit or delete the execution.

2TEST – Your advantages at a glance!

Various test types for maximal coverage

Instant release overview

Save costs by automating repetitive tasks

Multiple environment support

Scheduled execution

Reuseable test artifacts