2Test - The most powerful way to execute your queries

Query Runner

The most versatile and powerful tool.

  • Write custom queries for your solution and compare the result
  • Comparisons can be against a number of options as well as another query
  • Can be used to test virtually anything in your datawarehouse

Operate between databases

If you need to test between differing databases, the test can run via linked servers on two separate databases.

Compare against whatever you like

You can compare against many data types:

  • String
  • Number
  • Date
  • Boolean
  • Query
  • Null

Use the Query runner as a production monitor

You can use the Query runner’s many comparetor operators to run queries  which can run in a scheduled manner to give you a daily status on your release or even monitor your production systems.

2TEST – Your advantages at a glance!

Various test types for maximal coverage

Instant release overview

Save costs by automating repetitive tasks

Multiple environment support

Scheduled execution

Reuseable test artifacts