2TEST - Automate your database testing

Testing your database shouldn’t be a manual process as it has been in the past, but you also don’t want to be overburdened with overly-complicated Database testing tools. That is why 2TEST is the best tool for your Database testing needs.

If you are testing a migration project or simply a Datawarehouse and are ensuring the quality of the ETL processes, you can use the built in tests or the powerful Query Runner  write custom queries to perform your quality assurance.

With a Devops pipeline addin, 2Test is able to seamlessly integrate into your deployment process and become an integral part of your QA process.

We look forward to helping you advance your database testing to the next level.

Standardised tests

Create tests quickly and simply with the built-in tests.

Query Runner

The only limit is the query.

Test management and reporting

View your release at a glance or see details on execution timelines and test progress.

Release management

Manage multiple releases per project and see the progress and quality in no time.

Scheduled executions and Integration

Schedule your tests to run when the system is least stressed and your daily load is complete. Complete CI solutions with Azure Dev-ops

2TEST – Your advantages at a glance!

Various test types for maximal coverage

Instant release overview

Save costs by automating repetitive tasks

Multiple environment support

Scheduled execution

Reuseable test artifacts