2TEST - Create powerful tests quickly, with the standard types

Standardised tests

In a datawarehouse there are a number of tests which should be performed as standard and which should be quick to create and run. We have created a smart engine to easily create these tests with as few inputs as possible and no need to write custom queries.

  • Create tests quickly with few steps.
  • Only knowledge of table and column names needed to create a basic test.
  • Ability to customize the test with conditional statements.

Data Compare

If you have an ETL from a source to target, or two databases which are migrated then comparing the data is a powerful test.

  • By adding a where clause to the test you can hone in on the results
  • Returns a count of mismatches
  • Query can easily be copied and the count removed to diagnose the error
  • Copy tests to cover many fields using the same key


Referential Integrity

A key aspect of a good datawarehouse is having a data lineage as well as referential integrity within your tables.

  • Ensure you don’t have any data zombies
  • Check primary and foreign keys
  • Ensure the hightest quality of your data deliveries
  • Ensure your keys coincide and work as defined

2TEST – Your advantages at a glance!

Various test types for maximal coverage

Instant release overview

Save costs by automating repetitive tasks

Multiple environment support

Scheduled execution

Reuseable test artifacts

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